Consolidation Settlement of Capped Sediment (I): Centrifuge Simulation by Modeling of Models Technique

캡이 설치된 퇴적층의 압밀 침하 (I) : 원심모형시험기를 이용한 모델링 방법

  • Published : 2003.06.01


Marine sediment capping is a technique where clean sand is placed over contaminated sediment to reduce the migration of contaminants to the environment. The design of in-situ caps placed over marine sediment must take into consideration the self-weight consolidation of the cap and the consolidation of the sediment as a result of adding the cap layer. Centrifuge tests were adopted to simulate the effects of consolidation settlement of capped marine sediment caused by the placement of a clean sand layer. The modeling of models technique was utilized to verify the correct modeling procedures used in this study. Two centrifuge tests were conducted with the same boundary conditions at different gravitational accelerations of 100 g and 50 g. There was good agreement between these tests. It can be concluded that the centrifuge experiment is able to model consolidation settlement of capped marine sediment.


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