Two Unrecorded Species of Spiral Nematode (Hoploaimidae) from Korea

나선선충과의 한국 미기록 2종 보고

  • Kim, Don G. (Department of Agricultural Environment, Gyeongbuk Agricultural Technology Administration)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


Helicotylenchus clarkei Sher, 1966 and Rotylenchus usitatus Van den Berg et Heyns, 1974 were newly found in Korea from medicinal plant collection field in Gyeongbuk Agricultural Technology Administration, Daegu, Korea. So far, 9 species of Rotylechus (R. usitatus) and 8 species of Helicotylenchus (H. belli, H. cavenessi, H. clarkei, H. digonicus, H. dihystera, H. erythrinae, H. paraplatyarus, H. pseudorobustus) are recorded in Korea.


Medicinal plant;Helicotylenchus clarkei;Rotylenchus usitatus;Korea;Taxonomy


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