Microstructure and Superconducting Properties of Ag-$Bi_{1.84}Pb_{0.34}Sr_{1.91}Ca_{2.03}Cu_{3.06}O_{10+{\delta}}$ Composites

Ag-$Bi_{1.84}Pb_{0.34}Sr_{1.91}Ca_{2.03}Cu_{3.06}O_{10+{\delta}}$ 복합체의 미세구조와 초전도특성

  • 이민수 (한밭대 환경보존재해연구소)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


Samples with the nominal composition, Ag-$Bi_{1.84}Pb_{0.34}Sr_{1.91}Ca_{2.03}Cu_{3.06}O_{10+{\delta}}$ high $T_{c}$ superconductors containing Ag as an additive were fabricated by a solid-state reaction method. Samples with Ag of 10 wt%, 30 wt%, and 50 wt% each were sintered at $860^{\circ}C$~$870^{\circ}C$ for 24 hours. The structural characteristics, the microstructures and the critical temperature with respect to the each samples were investigated by XRD, four-prove methode, SEM and EDS respectively. The $T_{c}\;^{zero}$ of the sample with the 50 wt% Ag additive at the surface showed 94 K.




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