An Interface Sharing Service based on Jini

Jini 기반의 인터페이스 공유 서비스

  • Published : 2003.06.01


When we develop and use the java-based distributed object system, the system developer must deploy distributed object, which is implemented to predefined interface, to network and the system user acquires reference about distributed object and changes reference to interface type. Sharing of interface is essential for these works In this paper, we propose the IRSJ(interface repository service based on jim) to improve efficiency of interface sharing at the JINI system development. the IRSJ is consisted of the java classes for JINI system and interface sharing service. If development teams perform collaborative work in short distance, the IRSJ can search interface file without information of lookup server or interface writer If development teams perform collaborative work in long distance, the IRJS can search interface with only an address of server that executes lookup service. Although the interface object not requires additional search, the interface object that failed search interface can download interface and use interface using remote event model. When the message service fails in interface search, the message service sends interface request message to a development team member who use the IRSJ automatically, so that interface sharing may be possible in short time.


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