Separation and Purification of Teicoplanin by Diaion HP-20 and Conacnavalin A Chromatography

소수성 Diaion HP-20및 친화성 Concannvalin A 크로마토그래피를 이용한 Glycopeptide계 항생제 Teicoplanin의 분리 및 정제

  • 김창진 (한국생명공학연구원 생물소재연구부) ;
  • 이재찬 (한국생명공학연구원 생물소재연구부) ;
  • 박해룡 (한국생명공학연구원 생물소재연구부) ;
  • 박동진 (한국생명공학연구원 생물소재연구부) ;
  • 김영배 (고려대학교 생명공학원 식품생명공학과)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


Glycopeptide antibiotics, teicoplanin was purified from a mutant strain of Actinoplanes teichomyceticus ATCC31121, A. teichomyceticus MSL2211. We developed a simple procedure to separate and purify the teicoplanin from the fermentation broth. Teicoplanin was purified by two-step purification system, hydrophobic adsorption and sugar affinity chromatography in combination with HPLC analysis based on the properties of hydrophobic acyl chain and sugar moiety in teicoplanin. Teicoplanin was separated from the culture broth by Diaion HP-20 and further purified by concanavalin A affinity column chromatography. As an adsorbent resin, Diaion HP-20 in broth eliminated toxic effects on growth, reduced feedback repression of teicoplanin production, and assisted In rapid recovery of teicoplanin. The teicoplanin displayed the final yield of 80% and 95% of purity.


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