Isolation of Bacillus alcalophilus AX2000 Producing Alkaling Xylanase and Its Enzyme Production

알칼리성 Xylanase를 생산하는 Bacillus alcalojnhilus AX2000의 분리와 효소 생산

  • 박영서 (경원대학교 공과대학 생명공학부) ;
  • 김태영 (경원대학교 공과대학 생명공학부)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


An alkali-tolerant bacterium producing the xylanase was isolated from soil and identified as Bacillus alcaiophilus. This strain, named B. alcalophilus AX2000, was able to grow and produce xylanase optimally at pH 10.5 and $37^{\circ}C$. The maximum xylanase production was obtained when 0.5%(w/v) birchwood xylan and 0.5%(w/v) polypeptone and yeast extract were used as carbon source and nitrogen source, respectively. The biosynthesis of xylanase was under the catabolite repression by glucose in the culture medium, and inhibited in the presence of high concentration of xylose. The maximum activity of xylanase was observed at pH 10.0 and $50^{\circ}C$ and the enzyme activity remained was over 80% at $60^{\circ}C$ and from pH 5.0 to 11.0.


Bacillus alcalophilus;xylanase;alkali-tolerant;enzyme production


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