Characterization of the Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Cu Lead-free Solder by adding P

P의 함량에 따른 Sn-Ag-Cu 및 Sn-Cu 무연솔더의 특성평가

  • Published : 2003.06.01


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the solder properties by the change of P mass percentage. Tension test, wetting balance test, spread test, and analysis of intermetallic compound after isothermal aging of Sn-2.5Ag-0.7Cu-0.005P, Sn-2.5Ag-0.7Cu-0.01P, Sn-2.5Ag-0.7Cu-0.02P, Sn-0.7Cu-0.005P were performed. Adding P in the solder alloys resulted in improvement of tensile strength, reduction of intermetallic compound growth, reduction of oxidization in fusible solders under wave soldering. After comparing solder alloy containing P with tin-lead eutectic solder alloy, P contained solders alloys showed much better solder properties than eutectic solder alloy. Furthermore, this solder alloy presented remarkable properties than any other lead-free solder alloy.


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