Characteristics of the surface ozone concentration on the occurrence of air mass thunderstorm

기단성 뇌우 발생시 지표오존농도의 변화 특성

  • 전병일 (신라대학교 환경공학과)
  • Published : 2003.04.01


This study was performed to research ozone concentration related to airmass thunderstorm using 12 years meteorological data(1990~2001) at Busan. The occurrence frequency of thunderstorm during 12 years was 156 days(annual mean 13days). The airmass thunderstorm frequency was 14 days, most of those occurrence at summertime(59%). In case August 4, 1996, increase of ozone concentration was simultaneous with the decrease of temperature and increase of relative humidity, In case July 23, 1997, ozone concentration of western site at Busan increased, while its of eastern site decreased as airmass thunderstorm occurred(about 1500LST). It is supposed that these ozone increases are the effect of ozone rich air that is brought down by cumulus downdrafts from height levels where the ozone mixing ratio is larger. Thunderstorms can cause downward transport of ozone from the reservoir layer in the upper troposphere into planeta교 boundary layer(PBL). This complex interaction of source and sink processes can result in large variability fer vertical and horizontal ozone distributions. Thus a variety of meteorological precesses can act to enhance vertical mixing between the earth's surface and the atmospheric in the manner described fer thunderstorm.


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