Two New Records of Marine Hydromedusae (Cnidaria: Hvdrozoa) in Korea

한국 해산 히드라해파리 (자포동물문: 히드라충강) 2미기록종

  • Jung Hee Park (Department of Life Sciences, College of natural Sciences, The University of Suwon)
  • Published : 2003.04.01


Some hydromedusae were collected from Shiwhaho (Kyonsgi-do), Korea Strait and Yeosu, Korea during years 2000-2002. They were identified into Sorsia tubulosa (M. Sars, 1835) of the order Anthomedusae, and Liriope tetraphylla (Chamisso and Eysenhardt, 1821) of the order Trachymedusae respectively. They are new to the Korean fauna. The order Trachymedusae is first recorded in Korea. The long tube-like manubrium and four marginal tentacles are characteristics of S. tubuloso. In L. tetraphylla, the four triangle-shaped gonads and their positions upon half of surface of subumbrella, the seven blind centripetal canals in a quadrant and the long fat manubrium are its distinct characteristics. Resulting from this work, the Korean hydromedusae identified so far consist of 13 species of 11 families in five orders.


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