Presynaptiphilus paraminutus n. sp.(Copepoda: Poecilostomatoida: Synaptiphilidae) Associated with the Ophiuroid Amphioplus ancistrotus(Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) in the Yellow Sea

서해의 거미불가사리 Amphioplus ancistrotus에 공생하는 요각류 1신종 - Presynaptiphilus paraminutus

  • Sook Shin (Department of Life Sciences, Samyook University) ;
  • Il-Hoi Kim (Department of Biology, Kangnung National University)
  • Published : 2003.04.01


Presynaptiphilus poraminutus is described as a new species in association with the ophiuroid Ampioplus ancistrotus (H. L. Clark) collected from an intertidal sand beach in the Yellow Sea. The new species is closely related to P. minutus in having the identical leg structure, but may be differentiated from the latter by the larger body, the longer genital double-somite and caudal rami, and the shorter pre-anal semite.


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