First Report of the Alpheid Shrimp Salmoneus gracilipes (Decapoda: Caridea: Alpheidae) from Korea

한국미기록 가는손가락딱총새우 (Salmoneus gracilipes) (십각목: 생이절: 딱총새우과)의 보고

  • Hyeyoung Koo (Department of Biological Science, Sangji University) ;
  • Won Kim (School of Biologcal Sciences, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 2003.04.01


As a result of recent taxonomic study on shrimps collected from Korean waters, one species of the alpheid shrimp turned out to belong to the genus Salmoneus unreported from Korea. Salmoneus gracilipes is redescribed and reported for the first time from Korea.

최근의 새우류 분류학적 연구 결과 딱총새우류 1종이 국내에서는 처음 보고되는 가는손가락딱총새우속 (Salmoneus)에 속하는 것으로 밝혀졌다. 가는손가락딱총새우 (Salmoneus gracilipes)를 재기재하고 국내에서 처음 보고한다.


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