In Vitro Propagation of Zantedeschia spp. through Shoot Tip Culture

경정배양에 의한 Zantedeschia spp.의 기내번식

  • Published : 2003.03.01


This experiment was conducted to propagate Zantedeschia spp. in vitro. The frequency of adventitious bud clusters (ABC) formation from shoot tips in Z. 'Best Gold' was high at more than 65% on media with 2.0∼5.0 mg/L BA or 0.1∼1.0 mg/L thidiazuron. The highest formation rate of ABC (75%) was obtained on medium containing 2.0 mg/L BA. Comparing to treatment of BA alone, combined one of BA and NAA did not stimulate the formation of ABC and the shoot regeneration from shoot tips. The proliferation of ABC from sections (0.7∼1.0 cm) of ABC occurred effective on medium with 2.0 mg/L BA. Shoots developed from the sections (0.7∼1.0 cm) of ABC grew and rooted favorably on media containing 1.0∼2,0 mg/L IBA. The shoots were multiplicated effectively on medium with 0.5 mg/L thidiazuron in Z. 'Childsiana', on medium with 3.0 mg/L BA in 2. 'Golden Affair', and on medium with 5.0∼10.0 mg/L BA in Z. 'Pacific Pink'.


bud clusters;micropropagation;multiplication


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