Interference Cancellation System to Prevent the Oscillation of the Wireless Communication System using the Same Frequency

동일 주파수 무선통신 시스템의 발진방지를 위한 간섭잡음제거기

  • Published : 2003.03.01


In this paper, the interference cancellation system, which is used to cancel the feedback signal in the wireless communication system with the same frequency, is studied. The time varying feedback signal generated from transmitter antenna to receiver antenna reduces the performance of the receiver system. the interference cancellation system using adaptive feedback method(AF-ICS) is suggested to prevent the oscillation of the receiver system and maintain the maximum output power of the power amplifier by the reduction of time-varying feedback signal and also this paper conforms that the oscillation disappears from the output signal by cancellation of the feedback signal and the total output power is satisfied the system specification.


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