Resonant Characteristics of SMD Type - Modified PbTiO3 Ceramic Resonator with the Variations of Electrode Weight

전극질량 변화에 따른 SMD형 변성 PbTiO3세라믹 공진자의 공진특성

  • Published : 2003.03.01


In this study, modified PbTi $O_3$ ceramics was manufactured to apply for 30MHz SMD type ceramic resonator with the variations of electrode weight. To investigate the effects of electrode weight on resonant characteristics of ceramic resonator using 3$^{rd}$ overtone thickness vibration mode, ceramic wafers for resonator were fabricated by evaporating electrode weights of 0.66, 1.765, 2.32, 3.87$\times$ 10$^{-4}$ g/c $m^2$ with silver, respectively. And then, SMD type ceramic resonators were fabricated with the size of 3.7$\times$3.1mm and electrode radius size of 0.77mm. With increasing electrode weight, resonant resistance was gradually decreased. At the electrode weight of 2.32$\times$10$_{-4}$ g/c $m^2$, mechanical quality factor( $Q_{mt3}$) and dynamic range(D.R) showed the maximum value of 2,152 and 49dB, respectively.


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