Effect of Nano Buffer Layer on Property and Growth of Carbon Thin Film

탄소계 박막의 성장과 특성에 대한 나노 Buffer Layer의 영향

  • 류정탁 (대구대학교 정보통신공학부) ;
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  • Published : 2003.01.01


Using Platinum-silicide (PtSi) formed between silicon substrate and carbon film, we have improved the field emission of electrons from carbon films. Pt films were deposited on n-Si(100) substrates at room temperature by DC sputter technique. After deposition, these PtSi thin films were annealed at 400 ~ $600^{\circ}C$ in a vacuum chamber, and the carbon films were deposited on those Pt/Si substrates by laser ablation at room temperature. The field emission property of C/Pt/Si system is found to be better than that of C/Si system and it is showed that property was improved with increasing annealing temperature. The reasons why the field emission from carbon film was improved can be considered as follows, (1)the resistance of carbon films was decreased due to graphitization, (2)electric field concentration effectively occurred because the surface morphology of carbon film deposited on Pt/si substrates with rough surface, (3)it is showed that annealing induced reaction between Pt film and Si substrate, as a consequence that the interfacial resistance between Pt film and Si substrate was decreased.


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