The Relation between Genetic Polymorphism Markers and Milk Yield in Brown Swiss Cattle Imported to Slovakia

  • Chrenek, P. (Research Institute of Animal Production) ;
  • Huba, J. (Research Institute of Animal Production) ;
  • Vasicek, D. (Research Institute of Animal Production) ;
  • Peskovicova, D. (Research Institute of Animal Production) ;
  • Bulla, J. (Research Institute of Animal Production)
  • 투고 : 2002.08.02
  • 심사 : 2003.05.29
  • 발행 : 2003.10.01


The aim of this study was to determine genotypes of four genetic markers and to investigate their association with milk production traits in Brown Swiss cattle imported to Slovakia. The bovine $\kappa$-casein, $\beta$-lactoglobulin, growth hormone and prolactin genotypes of 107 cows were identified by polymerase chain reaction. Effects all four genetic markers on milk, fat, protein and lactose yields and fat, protein and lactose percentage were estimated from a data set of 249 lactations. The frequency of desirable B allele of $\kappa$-casein gene to milk production was 0.46, alleles A of $\beta$-lactoglobulin gene was 0.55, allele and L of growth hormone gene was 0.45 and allele A and B of bovine prolactin gene were 0.61 and 0.39. The results of milk production obtained in our work showed that BB genotypes of $\kappa$-CN gene, AA genotypes of $\beta$-LG gene, LL genotypes of bGH gene were significantly associated with better milk production traits, mainly about the fat content. Association of a bovine prolactin genotypes with milk production were not found.


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