Study on Genetic Variation of 4 Microsatellite DNA Markers and Their Relationship with Somatic Cell Counts in Cow Milk

  • Jin, Hai-Guo (College of Agriculture, Yanbian University) ;
  • Zhou, Guo-li (Department of Biology, Liaocheng University) ;
  • Yang, Cao (College of Agriculture, Yanbian University) ;
  • Chu, Ming-Xing (Research Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
  • Received : 2002.08.20
  • Accepted : 2003.05.28
  • Published : 2003.10.01


Four microsatellite DNA loci BM1818, BM1258, BM1443 and BM1905 associated with the somatic cell counts (SCC) in cow milk were analyzed for genetic variation in 240 Beijing Holstein cows. The PCR amplified products of microsatellites DNA were detected by non-denatured polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The number of alleles for BM1818, BM1258, BM1443 and BM1905 were 4, 5, 8 and 6 in Beijing Holstein cows, respectively. The allele size ranges for BM1818, BM1258, BM1443 and BM1905 were 274 bp to 286 bp, 92 bp to 106 bp, 154 bp to 170 bp and 187 bp to 201 bp, respectively. The polymorphism information content/effective number of alleles/heterozygosity for BM1818, BM1258, BM1443 and BM1905 were 0.3869/1.7693/0.4348, 0.5923/2.9121/0.6566, 0.7114/3.9012/0.7437 and 0.5921/2.8244/0.6459. These data showed the microsatellite DNA locus BM1443 has the highest variability, followed by BM1258, BM1905 and BM1818. The results of the least squares means analysis showed as follows: the least squares mean of SCC for BM1818 284 bp/284 bp was significantly lower than that for BM1818 286 bp/286 bp (p<0.05). The least squares mean of SCC for BM1258 100 bp/100 bp was significantly lower than that for BM1258 102 bp/102 bp, 106 bp/106 bp, 106 bp/104 bp, 106 bp/102 bp, 106 bp/100 bp, 104 bp/100 bp (p<0.05). The least squares mean of SCC for BM1443 166 bp/160 bp and 166 bp/166 bp was significantly lower than that for BM1443 170 bp/160 bp, 160 bp/157 bp, 165 bp/160 bp (p<0.05). The least squares mean of SCC for BM1905 187 bp/187 bp was significantly lower than that for BM1905 197 bp/195 bp, 193 bp/187 bp (p<0.05).


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