A Study on the Corrosion of Al-Alloy Propeller Used for a Coasting Vessel

연안 선박용 Al합금 프로펠러의 부식에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2003.09.03
  • Accepted : 2003.11.20
  • Published : 2003.12.31


Recently, with the tendency of lightening, high-strength and high-speed in the marine industries such as marine structures, ships and propellers, it is rapidly enlarged the use of the aluminium alloy. Therefore, there occurs much interest in the study on corrosion characteristics of aluminium alloy. This paper was studied on the corrosion characteristics of Al-Mg alloy propeller used for a coasting vessel. Under the various pH of marine environment, the corrosion test of Al-Mg alloy was carried out. And thus polarization resistance, corrosion potential, and current density behavior of Al-Mg alloy and galvanic corrosion behavior of Al-brass and Al-Mg alloy coupled Al 5086 and SS 400 for hull were investigated. The main results are as following: 1. The corrosion potential of Al-brass propeller is more nobel than materials for hull, but that of Al-Mg alloy propeller is low or similar to materials for hull. Therefore, the galvanic corrosion of hull due to Al-Mg propeller don't occur. 2. The polarization resistance of Al-Mg alloy in sea water of pH 4 is highest, and corrosion current density of Al-Mg propeller is the most controlled. 3. As pH value decreases, potential showed Evans polarization diagram approaches cathodic potential. The corrosion current density of Al-Mg alloy is controlled to anodic reaction rate, therefore, the corrosion reaction of Al-Mg alloy is anodic control.


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