Factors Affecting Reproductive Performance in the Nepalese Pakhribas Pig: Effects of Nutrition and Housing during Lactation

  • Shrestha, N.P. (Department of Agriculture, University of Aberdeen) ;
  • Edwards, S.A. (Department of Agriculture, University of Newcastle) ;
  • English, P.R. (Department of Agriculture, University of Aberdeen) ;
  • Robertson, J.F. (Department of Agriculture, University of Aberdeen)
  • Received : 2002.08.20
  • Accepted : 2003.02.05
  • Published : 2003.05.01


The effects of housing and nutrition on the performance of first lactation sows of the Nepalese Pakhribas breed were investigated. A total of 36 sows, from a previous experiment on nutrition during gilt rearing, were allocated according to a factorial design with 2 levels of nutrition, 60 or 80% of the calculated lactation requirement, and two types of housing, traditional or improved. The mean live weight loss of sows during lactation was reduced to a slightly greater extent by improved housing (p<0.05) than by better nutrition (p<0.10). There was also a significantly lower loss of $P_2$ backfat thickness (p<0.05) and mean body condition score (p<0.05) for sows on the higher plane of nutrition. Piglet weight gain in early and mid lactation was influenced by gestation feeding of the gilt (p<0.10) and by housing (p<0.05). Late lactation gain was influenced only by lactation feeding (p<0.05). In consequence, piglet weight at 42 day weaning was increased to a similar extent by improved housing (p<0.05) and better lactation nutrition (p<0.01). Significantly more sows were remated by day 10 after weaning from a higher level of rearing nutrition ($x^2=13.57$, p=0.001), and from improved housing and improved lactation (both $x^2=4.57$, p=0.033). It is concluded that, under Nepalese village conditions, improvements in housing may be a more cost effective way of improving sow performance than expenditure on additional feed resources.


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