A Study on Information Spillover Effects from Nasdaq to Kosdaq and Jasdaq

나스닥시장의 코스닥 및 자스닥시장에 대한 정보이전효과에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2003.06.30


This study tests the hypothesis of market efficiency through the information spillover effects over price and volatility across countries by using open-to-close(daytime) returns and close-to-open(overnight) returns of NASDAQ, KOSDAQ and JASDAQ data from January 3, 1997 to December 21, 2000. Based on Granger-causality and time-varying AR(1)-GARCH(1, 1)-M models we document that the evidence of statistically significant conditional mean and volatility spillovers effects from the daytime returns and volatility of NASDAQ to the overnight returns and volatility of KOSDAQ is observed both before and after the IMF foreign currency crisis but not to the close-to-open return before the IMF foreign currency crisis. We can understand the information spillover effect from NASDAQ to KOSDAQ on the overnight rather than the daytime grows more significantly after the IMF foreign currency crisis. We also find the interactive information spillover effect between NASDAQ and JASDAQ both before and after the IMF financial crisis, in particular, to close-to-open return. In addition, the market efficiency between KOSDAQ and NASDAQ is on an increasing trend through IMF foreign currency crisis.