3D Seismic Travel-time Tomography using Fresnel Volume

프레넬 볼륨을 이용한 3차원 탄성파 주시 토모그래피

  • 고광범 (한성대학교 영상화기술 연구실) ;
  • 이두성 (한성대학교 소프트웨어시스템 공학)
  • Published : 2003.05.01


3D seismic travel-time tomography algorithm baled on Fresnel volume was developed and its feasibility was investigated by the numerical experiments. To testify the field applicability of the developed algorithm, frequency characteristics and way coverage of the crossholel seismic raw data were investigated and 3D velocity tomogram cube with about 8m spatial resolution was obtained. When compared this 3D velocity cube with the conventional 2D ray tomogram, two results were matched well. We concluded that 3D seismic tomography algorithm developed in this study has enough potential to the field application.