Estimation of Two-dimensional Distribution of Coefficient of Permeability from Electrical Logging and AMT Data in Yangsan Area

전기검층과 AMT 탐사자료를 이용한 양산지역의 2차원 투수계수분포 산출

  • Published : 2003.05.01


A new approach of estimating the coefficient of permeability (COP) from resistivity has been developed, which can provide another good application tool of geophysical methods to geo-technical field. Borehole electrical logging and Lugeon test results in Yangsan area showed that resistivity is inversely proportional to the COP. For granite and andesite in Yansan area, the relation between the resistivity ($\rho$) and the COP (k) revealed that, $log(k){\approx}-0.85621\;log({\rho})+0.0031$. Derived relation is applied to AMT data acquired from a survey line along the tunnel. Two-dimensional resistivity distribution from AMT data was converted to two-dimensional COP section. The final COP section can be used as good input data for groundwater modeling.