Drinking Behaviors of Adult Mentally Retarded Persons -Variables associated with gender, age, and the pattern of employment-

성인 정신지체인의 음주행위에 관한 연구 - 성, 연령, 고용유형을 중심으로-

  • Published : 2003.11.30


The purpose of this study is to investigate the drinking behaviors of adult mentally retarded persons(N=140) over the age of 18. It was also investigated whether gender, age, and pattern of employment create different result of drinking behaviors, whether there is correlation between variables associated with drinking behaviors for mentally retarded persons. 58.2 percent of respondent reported that they had consumed alcohol beverages sometimes prior to their having been interviewed. Average age of respondents who had consumed alcohol was 26.357 years and average age of first-use of alcohol was 22 years. 39.2 percent of respondent reported that they drink alcohol once a month. Beer(54.2 percent) was the most frequently consumed alcohol beverages. Average alcohol consumption per occasion was 1.494 cup, and 10.9 percent of respondent answered more than 5 cups per occasion. Regarding problems associated with drinking, 16 percent of respondent of AUDIT and 51.4 percent of Family CAGE answered that their children have drinking-related problems. Men(64.2 percent) drink more than women(43.6 percent) and experience more alcohol problem. Regarding drinking behaviors associated with the pattern of employment, supervised employment group(78.6 percent) was known as the most prevalent group of experiencing drinking. For the amount of drinking, gender(p<.05) and pattern of employment(p<.05) had shown the significant differences. There were significant positive correlation between the frequency of drinking and the amount of drinking, and AUDIT and Family CAGE.