Prolonged Gene Expression Following Erythrocyte-Mediated Delivery of TRAIL Plasmid DNA

혈구세포 수송체로 투여된 트레일 유전자의 혈중 발현 지속 효과

  • Published : 2003.12.20


Tumor necrosis facto-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) is a recently identified member of the tumor necrosis factor cytokine superfamily. TRAIL has been shown to induce apoptosis in a number of tumor cells whereas cells from most of normal tissues are highly resistant to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. These observations have raised considerable interest in the use of TRAIL in tumor therapy. In this study we report the biodistribution fates and serum expression pattern of plasmid DNA encoding TRAIL (pTRAIL) delivered in erythrocyte ghosts (EG). pTRAIL was loaded into EG by electroportion in a hypotonic medium The mRNA expression of pTRAIL was prolonged following delivery in EG-encapsulated forms. EG containing pTRAIL showed significant levels of mRNA expression in the blood over 9 days. The organ expression patterns of pTRAIL delivered via EG, however, did not significantly differ from those of naked pTRAIL, indicating that the expression-enhancing effect of EG containing pTRAIL was localized to the blood. These results suggest that pTRAIL-loaded EG might be of potential use in the treatment of hematological diseases such as TRAIL-sensitive leukemia.


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