Thermal Evaluation of the KN-12 Transport Cask

  • Published : 2003.12.30


The KN-12 spent nuclear fuel transport cask, which is a Type B(U) package designed to comply with the requirements of Korea Atomic Energy Act[1], IAEA Safety Standards Series No.TS-R-1[2] and US 10 CFR Part 71[3], is designed for carrying up to 12 PWR spent fuel assemblies in a basket structure. The cask has been licensed in accordance with Korea Atomic Energy Act and was fabricated in Korea in accordance with the requirements of ASME B&PV Sec.III, Div.3[4]. The cask must maintain thermal integrity in accordance with the related regulations and be evaluated to verify that the thermal performance of the cask complies with the regulatory requirements. The temperatures of the cask and components were determined by using finite elements methods with a numerical tool, safety tests using an 1/8 height slice model of the real cask were conducted to demonstrate verification of the numerical tool and methods, and heat transfer tests for normal transport conditions were performed as a fabrication acceptance test to demonstrate the heat transfer capability of the cask.


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