Real-time Environmental Radiation Monitoring System with Automatic Restoration of Backup Data in Site Detector via Communication using Radio Frequency

현장검출기에 저장된 백업데이터를 무선통신방식으로 자동 복원하는 실시간 환경선량 감시 시스템

  • Published : 2003.09.30


An environmental radiation monitoring system based on high pressurized ionization chamber has been used for on-line gamma monitoring surrounding the KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute), which transmits the dose data measured from ion chamber on the site via radio frequency to a central processing computer and stores the transmitted real-time data. Although communication using radio frequency has several advantages such as effective and economical transmission, storage, and data process, there is one main disadvantage that data loss during transmission often happens because of unexpected communication problems. It is possible to restore the loss data by off-line such as floppy disk but the simultaneous process and display of current data as well as the backup data are very difficult in the present on-line system. In this work, a new electronic circuit board and the operation software applicable to the conventional environmental radiation monitoring system are developed and the automatical synchronization of the ion chamber unit and the central processing computer is carried out every day. This system is automatically able to restore the backup data within 34 hours without additional equipments and also display together the current data as well as the transmitted backup data after checking time flag.


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