An Analysis of Carbon-14 Metabolism for Internal Dosimetry at CANDU Nuclear Power Plants

중수로 원전 종사자의 방사선량 평가를 위한 $^{14}C$ 인체대사모델 분석

  • Published : 2003.09.30


Carbon-14 is one of the major radionuclides released by CANDU Nuclear Power Plants(NPPs). It is almost always emitted as gas through the stack. From CANDU NPPs about 95% of all carbon-14 is released as carbon dioxide. Carbon-14 is a low energy beta emitter which, therefore, gives only a small skin dose from external radiation. As carbon dioxide Is physiologically rather inert gases for man's metabolism, the inhalation dose is probably less than 1 % of the ingestion dose. But this source of carbon-14, formed in a closed, nor-oxidative environment, was subsequently released into the workplace as an insoluble particulate when these systems were opened lip for re-tubing at CANDU NPPs. As a part of the improvement of dosimetry program at Wolsong Nuclear Power Plants, the carbon-14 metabolism based on references was investigated and studied to setup the internal dosimetry program due to inhalation of carbon-14.


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