Development of Prototype Liquid Scintillator System for Monitoring Liquid Radioactive Waste

배수 모니터링 액체섬광검출시스템의 프로토 타입 개발

  • Published : 2003.09.30


A prototype liquid scillatillator system for measurement of multiple beta-labeled mixtures was developed and its characteristic was investigated. The signal processing system consists of two photomultiplier tubes and the coincident count circuit. The characteristic of the system was analyzed using 4 beta-labeled samples $(^3H,\;^{14}C,\;^{36}Cl\;and\;^{90}Sr)$. Beta spectra from the samples were obtained without radiation shielding, and the detection limits for each nuclides were estimated based on the spectra. The estimated detection limits were compared to the legal regulation values. It is found that the liquid radioactive nuclides are detectable well below the legal regulation values.


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