Long-term Radiation Dose Reduction Plan of KHNP

  • Published : 2003.06.30


Annual radiation dose limit to radiation worker was substantially lowered in Korea by the adoption of 1990 recommendations of the International Commission on Radiation Protection (ICRP 60) in its legislation. On the other hand, radiation management environment in nuclear power plants is getting more worse because of the accumulation of radiation sources inside the system and the frequent need for maintenance according as the operation years of nuclear power plants increase. Therefore, Korea Hydro & Nuclear power Co., Ltd. (KHNP) has established a long-term 10 years plan from 2001 to 2010 for the reduction of radiation dose to workers. The plan is aimed for the reduction of annual dose per unit averaged over 5 years from 0.9 man-Sv in 2001 to 0.75 man-Sv in 2010 by radiation source reduction, equipment/tool improvement or new equipment development for easy maintenance, and the improvement of administration and system.