A Study on Development of a PIN Semiconductor Detector for Measuring Individual Dose

개인 선량 측정용 PIN 반도체 검출기 개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2003.06.30


The fabrication process and the structure of PIN semiconductor detectors have been designed optimally by simulation for doping concentration and width of p+ layer, impurities re-contribution due to annealing and the current distribution due to guard ring at the sliced edges. The characteristics to radiation response has been also simulated in terms of Monte Carlo Method. The device has been fabricated on n type, $400\;{\Omega}cm$, orientation <100>, Floating-Zone silicon wafer using the simulation results. The leakage current density of $0.7nA/cm^2/100{\mu}m$ is achieved by this process. The good linearity of radiation response to Cs-137 was kept within the exposure ranges between 5 mR/h and 25 R/h. This proposed process could be applied for fabricating a PIN semiconductor detector for measuring individual dose.


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