An Application of Minimum Strain Energy Density Criterion in Mixed Mode Fatigue Problem

혼합모드 피로문제에서의 최소 변형에너지 밀도기준의 적용

  • Shim, Kyu-Seok (Department of Mechanical Design, Dong Seoul college) ;
  • Koo, Jae-Mean (School of Mechanical Engineering Sungkyunkwan University)
  • Published : 2002.06.30


In this paper, the maximum minimum strain energy density criterion was applied to the mixed mode fatigue test of A5052 H34 alloy. In this study result we can have seen that the authors stress intensity factor for the finite width specimen and method of determining testing load, based on the plastic zone size and the limited maximum stress intensity factor by ASTM STANDARD E-647-95, is useful.


mixed mode fatigue problem;maximum strain energy density criterion;mean crack propagation angle;mean crack angle;small scale yield


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