Knowledge translation in internationalization of the firms

지식 전환을 통한 기업 국제화 전략 -현대자동차 사례를 중심으로-

  • Published : 2002.12.01


Global firms have to acquire various kinds of knowledge from worldwide markets and use it strategically in local markets. Especially, the ability to learn competitive advantage of an industry leader or competing firm is a critical factor in a firm's competitiveness. The concept of knowledge transfer has been used to explain these phenomena. However, with the broadening concept of knowledge and increasing importance of interaction between firms, the perspective of knowledge transfer has reached its limits. In this study we will conceptualize the new concept of 'knowledge translation', and analyze the globalization case of Hyundai Motor Co. to improve the validity and usefulness of this perspective. The results show that knowledge translation is a critical factor of success in a firm's globalization and efficient management of the knowledge translation process enhances a firm's global competitiveness.