Dressing Poses in Relation to Clothing Thermal Insulation

  • Li, Jun (College of Fashion, Dong Hua University) ;
  • Zhang, Weiyuan (College of Fashion, Dong Hua University) ;
  • Liu, Yan (College of Fashion, Dong Hua University)
  • Received : 2002.09.25
  • Published : 2002.12.31


By the movable thermal manikin developed by China Dong Hua university, the laws of clothing thermal insulation influenced by dressing poses are studied. It is found that $I_a$ on nude thermal manikin has no relation to testing pose as a whole (notable level is 5%), while the change of testing pose influences $I_a$ value on parts of body obviously. The testing result $I_{cle}$ on clothed thermal manikin has relation to testing pose. The $I_{cle}$ value of the whole body in seated pose decreases 20 percent compared with that in standing pose (notable level is 1%). In view of heat transmission theory, the reasons are pointed out based on the knowledge of heat transmission.


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