A 6 m cube in an atmospheric boundary layer flow -Part 1. Full-scale and wind-tunnel results

  • Hoxey, R.P. (Silsoe Research Institute) ;
  • Richards, P.J. (Silsoe Research Institute) ;
  • Short, J.L. (Silsoe Research Institute)
  • Published : 2002.04.25


Results of measurements of surface pressure and of velocity field made on a full-scale 6 m cube in natural wind are reported. Comparisons are made with results from boundary-layer wind-tunnel studies reported in the literature. Two flow angles are reported; flow normal to a face of the cube (the $0^{\circ}$ case) and flow at $45^{\circ}$. In most comparisons, the spread of wind-tunnel results of pressure measurements spans the full-scale measurements. The exception to this is for the $0^{\circ}$ case where the roof and side-wall pressures at full-scale are more negative, and as a result of this the leeward wall pressures are also lower. The cause of this difference is postulated to be a Reynolds Number scale effect that affects flow reattachment. Measurements of velocity in the vicinity of the cube have been used to define the mean reattachment point on the roof centre line for the $0^{\circ}$ case, and the ground level reattachment point behind the cube for both $0^{\circ}$ and $45^{\circ}$ flow. Comparisons are reported with another full-scale experiment and also with wind-tunnel experiments that indicate a possible dependency on turbulence levels in the approach flow.


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