Issues in the Concepts and Approaches of Sustainable Community Development

지속가능한 지역사회개발의 개념과 접근과제

  • Published : 2002.12.31


Although the philosophy of sustainable community development does not give the cure-all solutions for the major problems faced in the communities, it is theoretically and practically recognized as a newly emerging paradigm toward community development theoretically and practically. However, more specific tasks and issues of sustainable community development remain unchallenged and descriptive statements. The main objective of this study was to find out the extensive community development practices through the review of current works in the area of sustainable community development indicator, local agenda 21 and the relative issues. The recommendations of this study were the following; 1) The sustainable community development indicators available in the community level should be selected. Also, how to integrate the objective condition and subjective perception in community development practices, and how to weigh the indicator item should be solved in order to compare and measure the implementation of community development works. 2) In relation to local agenda 21, how to secure the implementation mechanism is more important than the developing the local agenda 21. 3) The policies aimed to raise the resident's awareness, formation of community field, create community social capitals, and define strategies to the selective community development programs should be considered to make the philosophy of sustainable community development active in the field level.