Development of Sumulation Model for Breeding Schemes of Hanwoo(Korean Cattle)

한우의 개량 체계 모의실험을 위한 모형 개발

  • Published : 2002.10.31


A multiple-trait stochastic computer simulation model was constructed to predict the breeding schemes and selection methods on Hanwoo(Korean cattle). The model could be used four kinds of selection criteria (random, phenotype and true or estimated breeding values). At the test run in various population size for 20 years, all estimated parameters of the each simulated populations were resulted similar to input parameters. The deviations between input and output values of parameter in the large population were smaller than in the small population. The simulated results obtained from ten small populations consisted with one sire and ten dams in each population for 500 years were as follows; Inbreeding coefficients of population were similar to theoretical estimating function. Mean values of each traits selected were randomly drifted by generation, but they were converged into a value when inbreeding coefficients came close to one. Additive genetic variances within each population were reduced by generation, and they were converged into zero when inbreeding coefficients came close to one. These results indicated that the simulated populations hold to statistical properties of input parameters.


Simulation;Korean Cattle;Breeding scheme


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