Studies on Hygienic Status of Raw Milk in Dairy Farms

농가생산 원유의 유질 및 위생진단에 관한 연구

  • Jin, S.H. (Jeju Agri. Exp. Station, R.D.A) ;
  • Ko, M.S. (Jeju Agri. Exp. Station, R.D.A) ;
  • Lee, C.E. (Jeju Agri. Exp. Station, R.D.A) ;
  • Lee, H.J. (Animal Biotechnology, Jeju National University) ;
  • Kim, E.J. (Jeju provincial Institute for Livestock Promotion)
  • Published : 2002.02.28


This study was conducted to investigate the milk quality produced from dairy farms in Jeju province and to analyze the variety of pathogenes and the number of somatic cells in the milk. Data were collected from 262 lactating cows from 8 farms of three regions and the results obtained are summarized as follows. 1. The average daily milk yields and milk fat contents from June and October were 22.3 kg and 3.7%, respectively. 2. The average number of bacterial counts in raw milk was 1.5${\times}10^4$/ml, but that in farm A was over 3.0${\times}10^4$/ml. 3. The somatic cell counts were 2.5${\times}10^5$/ml in average and those in farm G and H were higher than those in other farms. Their distribution in 262 lactating cows from June to October was as follows; less than 2.0${\times}10^4$ /ml in 68.8% of cows, 2.0-5.0${\times}10^4$/ml in 18.8% of cows and more than 5.0${\times}10^4$/ml in 12.4% of cows. 4. Of the 113 isolates (compartments of cow udder) from mastitic milk, Staphylococcus aureus was found in 47, Streptococcus ogalatiae in 17 and Bacillus in 12. 5. The average monthly income of the farmers was 407 thousand won/head, and that in farm A or E was higher than that of farm H (456-475 thousand won vs. 314 thousand won) In conclusion, to improve income dairy farmers should reduce the somatic cell counts in the milk and mastitis infection through regular disinfection and inspection.


Dairy cows;Bacterial and somatic cell counts;Mastitis;Jeju area


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