Nutrient Loads Estimation at Paddy Field Using CREAM-PADDY Model

CREAMS-PADDY 모형을 이용한 논에서의 영양물질 부하 추정

  • Published : 2002.03.25


A Modified CREAMS model, CREAMS-PADDY was developed to simulate the hydrology and nutrient transport at an irrigated rice paddy. The hydrology at a paddy was simulated by a daily water balance routine which reflects daily inflow, outflow, and water level changes. The soil erosion was simulated using modified USLE. The nutrient transport for total nitrogen and phosphorus were depicted for various phases of each constitute such as extraction, percolation, mineralization, and plant uptakes. Field monitoring was conducted to investigate the water quality changes at a paddy field at three times a week during the growing season of 1996. The proposed model simulates the water quality of the paddy reasonably well, and is found to be applicable to field conditions.



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