Hydrodynamic Forces on Fish Cage Systems under the Action of Waves and Current

가두리 시설이 파랑과 흐름에 의해 받는 유체력 특성

Kim, Tae-Ho;Kim, Chang-Gil;Kim, Ho-Sang;Baik, Chul-In;Ryu, Cheong-Ro

  • Published : 2002.08.01


In order to analyze the hydrodynamic forces on fish cage systems, made of frames and nettings, under waves and current, hydraulic model experiments for square type and circular type of fish cage system were carried out in a towing tank. Both cage systems consist of net cages supported by floating frames made of two concentric pipes and four weights hanging from the bottom corners of the nets. There was little difference in the hydrodynamic force on the square type of fish cage system by wave heading under regular waves and the peak frequency of the force on each cage system was in a good agreement with that of induced irregular wave. In addition, it was also observed that the circular type of cage system was more stable to the action of waves and current than the square type.


Hydrodynamic forces;Fish cage systems;Waves and current;Irregular wave


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