The Risk Factors Associated with Adolescent Females′ Sexual Behavior

중.고등학교 여학생들의 성행동과 관련된 요인들

  • 윤경자 (동의대학교 아동·가정환경학과)
  • Published : 2002.08.01


This study investigates the factors associated with adolescent females' sexual behavior. Results from 390 adolescent females reveal that dating atmosphere was the strongest and the most influential risk factor predicting adolescent females sexual behavior, which has been a neglected variable in the research of adolescent sexual behavior. Age and similarity of sexual attitude with her dating partner, in addition to the dating experience had very significant impacts on highly sexually experienced adolescent females' sexual behavior. Adolescent females with low sexual experiences were significantly affected by similarity of sexual attitude with dating partner, siblings, and peers, her own attitude, age, and dating atmosphere. The findings from this study also indicate that parental supervision, dating atmosphere, respondent's sexual attitude, love for partner, and communication with parents on sexual issues were significant factors for determining adolescent females' sexual involvement.


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