Characteristics of Microstructure of Hardfacing Layer of Stellite 6 with Mo Addition

몰리브덴을 첨가하여 PTAW법으로 육성된 Stellite 6합금의 미세조직 특성평가

  • Published : 2002.08.01


Hardfacing layers of Stellite 6 alloy with different molybdenum content are deposited on AISI 1045 carbon steel using plasma transferred arc welding (PTAW). The properties of the hardfacing layer are investigated in order to clarify the effect of molybdenum addition to the cobalt-base alloy. With an increase in molybdenum contents, the size of Cr-rich carbides in the interdendritic region is abruptly refined, but volume fraction of the carbide slightly increases. Also, with an increase of Mo, $M_{6}$ C type carbides are formed instead of Cr-rich $M_{7}$ $C_{3}$ type carbided, and this microstructural change enhanced the mechanical properties of Stellite 6 alloy.



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