Local Autonomy and Training of public Librarians

지방자치와 사서직 공무원 연수

  • 이명규 (전남대학교 문헌정보학과)
  • Published : 2002.09.01


A public librarian is an occupation, which requires long-term. continuous training and difficult study to acquire and cultivate professional knowledge and skills. It is a necessity to achieve new knowledge, information and skills via appropriate retraining. A training system is the method which gives chances of retraining to public librarians. After examining some of the problems with the existing training system, it is apparent that the direction of training system needs to be decentralized. That is each local branch should be autonomous in terms of new training for librarians. For the method of training system, each autonomous unit would integrate the different theories to apply to the community-at-large and invite practical specialists from the local community to lecture. The training classes would be elective in that the each librarian could choose the classes he/she wants to take and give them credits for that, but the certificate for the class would also go towards completion for the required technical training. Finally, the utilization of cyber-education should be introduced, and the library association's role strengthened, to help public librarians cultivate their specialties.


사서 연수;사서 연수제도;사서직 공무원;사서 교육훈련;사서 직무교육


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