Analysis of Search Engine Use, Search Behaviors and Aptitude by Web Users

웹 이용자의 검색엔진 활용 및 탐색 행위와 성향 분석

  • Published : 2002.09.01


This study examines overall user experience associated with Web search engine use including selection, usage of search features, evaluation. The data were collected through individual interviews with 28 faculty members and graduate students. It was found that users tend to select a search engine based on experience and knowledge of certain features and familiarity with an engine itself more than based on previous experience with search results. The results showed the users had mixed opinions regarding cross language retrieval while they did not believe the usage of operators effect the search results. It appears that users are interested in interface design as well as the accuracy of search results.


검색엔진;통합검색;연산자;평가;웹 이용자;탐색 행위


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