Characteristics of Diurnal Variation of the Atmospheric Pollutants Concentration in High-Ozone Episode day in Daegu

대구시 고농도 오존 사례일인 경우 대기 오염물질 농도의 일변화 특성

  • 손임영 (성화여자고등학교) ;
  • 윤일희 (경북대학교 과학교육학부 지구과학교육전공) ;
  • 김희종 (경북대학교 천문대기과학과)
  • Published : 2002.12.01


This study analyzes the surface ozone, NO and $NO_2$ concentration data from 1997 to 1999 in Daegu. It investigates effect on precursor during high-ozone episode days. The high-ozone episode is defined when a daily maximum ozone concentration is higher than 100 ppb(ambient air quality standard of Korea) in at least one station among six air quality monitoring stations. The frequency of episodes is 13 days(33 hours). The frequency is the highest in May and September, and the area with the highest frequency is Nowondong and Manchondong. The average value of daily maximum ozone concentration with high ozone episode is 81.6 ppb, and that of 8-hour average ozone concentration is 58.6 ppb. It means that ozone pollution is continuous and wide-ranging in Daegu. The daily variation of NO, $NO_2$ and $O_3$ in high-ozone episodes are inversely proportional one another. Nowondong an industrial area, is affected by pollutants that are emitted from the primary sources, while Manchondong a residential area, is affected by the advection of $O_3$ or by the primary pollutants like VOCs.


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