Isolation and Enzyme Production of a Neutral Protease-Producing Strain, Bacillus sp. DS-1.

Neutral Pretense를 생산하는 Bacillus sp. DS-1 균주의 분리와 효소 생산성

  • 전대식 (배재대학교 생명과학부) ;
  • 강대경 (이지바이오시스템 생물자원연구소) ;
  • 김하근 (배재대학교 생명과학부)
  • Published : 2002.12.01


A bacterium producing the neutral pretense was isolated from soil, and was identified as Bacillus sp. DS-1 by 16S rRNA sequence comparison and biochemical determinations. The production of protease from Bacillus sp. DS-1 was increased 20% and 30% by the additions of 1% glucose and 1% yeast extract, respectively. The optimum pH and temperature for the protease activity were pH 7.0 and 55$^{\circ}C$. Bacillus sp. DS-1 produced a metalloprotease as a major protease in culture medium, since the pretense activity in culture supernatant was inhibited by the presence of 1 mM EDTA significantly.


Bacillus;165 rRNA;neutral protease production;EDTA inhibition


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