Effects of Treatment Time of Cadusafos and Fosthiazate for the Control of Meloidogyne arenaria on Oriental Melon

카두사포스와 포스치아제이트 처리시기에 따른 땅콩뿌리혹선충 방제효과

  • 김동근 (경북농업기술원 환경농업연구과) ;
  • 김진배 (농촌진흥청 농업과학기술원) ;
  • 이재국 (농촌진흥청 농업과학기술원) ;
  • 최성국 (경북농업기술원 환경농업연구과) ;
  • 윤재탁 (경북농업기술원 환경농업연구과)
  • Published : 2002.12.01


Cadusafos and fosthiazate were applied at the rate of 1.8 g a.i./6$\m^2$ as pre-plant or pre-plant+post-plant treatments on winter-grown oriental melon in a greenhouse soil infested with Meloidogyne arenaria. Nematicides reduced root-knot nematode population from 35 to 90% compared with control; fosthiazate was better than cadusafos (P = 0.003) and fosthiazate pre-plant+post-plant application reduced nematode population densities as much as 90%. Nematicides increased yield in an average of 23% (11-38%) in May, 39% (2-65%) in June, and 31% (12-46%) for the total (P = 0.085). The residue in the fruit of oriental melon by post-plant treatment of fosthiazate exceeded maximum residue limit of 0.2ppm, while the Cadusafos residue was below the limit. It is concluded that fosthiazate cannot be used as a post-plant treatment in winer-grown oriental melon with overall consideration, i. e., danger of residue, value of melon, costs of nematicide, consumer demand on safer agricultural products, and effects of fallow.


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