Concentrations of Air Pollutants Measured at Kosan during ACE-Asia Intensive Observation Period

ACE-Asia 집중관측기간에 제주고산에서 측정한 대기오염물질의 농도 분포특성

  • 신혜정 (기상연구소 응용기상연구실) ;
  • 김지영 (기상연구소 응용기상연구실) ;
  • 최병철 (기상연구소 응용기상연구실) ;
  • 오성남 (기상연구소 응용기상연구실) ;
  • ;
  • Published : 2002.12.01


The concentrations of gaseous (NO$_{x}$, SO$_2$, and $O_3$) and particulate (Elemental Carbon, EC and Organic Carbon, OC) pollutants were measured to evaluate the air quality of Kosan. Samples were taken at Kosan during ACE-Asia (Asian Pacific Regional Aerosol Characterization Experiment) IOP (Intensive Observation Period) (2001. 3. 21~2001. 5. 5). The mean concentrations of $O_3$(46.3$\pm$10.4 ppb) is higher than those at urban area such as Seoul and Busan in Korea. On the other hand, the mean concentrations of other gaseous species, NO$_{x}$(4.73$\pm$3.42 ppb) and SO$_2$(0.62$\pm$0.63 ppb) are lower than those at great cities. So we concluded that there are a few primary sources emitting atmospheric pollutants. The concentration of EC is higher and the concentration of OC is similar with or higher than those at other background sites. The recent EC concentration is higher than those measured before at Kosan. We concluded that there are more primary sources than other background sites and the amount of primary source have increased recently in Jeju. Backward trajectory and co..elation analysis were used to study where the air masses originated and distinguish the source of pollutants. While NO$_{x}$ and $O_3$ were mainly emitted and formed from Jeju inland area, concentrations of SO$_2$, OC and EC were affected by Asian Dust from China. Using the mean relative standard deviation of ozone, cleanness coefficient was obtained. The cleanness coefficient value, is 1.6 times larger than the value in 1992. Recently, the air quality of Kosan has been contaminated because of the Asian Dust events since spring and the rapid industrialization development.pment.


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