A Numerical Simulation for Thermal Environments by the Modification of Land-use in Busan

부산지역 토지이용(land-use) 변화에 의한 열환경 수치모의

  • Published : 2002.12.01


Prognostic meteorological model, MM5V3 (Mesoscale Model 5 Version 3) was used to assess the effects of the land-use modifications on spatial variations of temperature and wind fields in Busan during the selected period of summer season in 2000. We first examined sensitivity analysis for temperature between MM5V3 predictions and meteorological data observed at 4 AWS (Automatic Weather System) stations in Busan, which exhibited low structural and accurate errors (Mean Bias Error, MBE: 0.73, Root Mean Square Error, RMSE: 1.18 on maximum). The second part of this paper, MMSV3 simulations for the modification of land-use was performed with 1 km resolution in target domain, 46$\times$46 $\textrm{km}^2$ area around city of Busan. It was found that modification result from change of surface land-use in central urban area altered spatial distributions of temperature and wind. In particular, heat island core moved slightly to the seaward at 1300 LST. This results may imply that modification of surface land-use leads to change the thermal environments; in addition, it has a significant effect on local wind circulations and dispersions of air pollutants.


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