The Analysis of Fractal Dimension on the Main-Stream Length using Digital Elevation Model

수치고도모형을 이용한 본류하천길이에 관한 프랙탈 차원의 해석

  • 차상화 (안동과학대학 토목과)
  • Published : 2002.09.01


Recently, GIS(Geographic Information System) is used to extract various hydrological factors from DEM(Digital Elevation Model) in river basin. Therefore, this study aims at the determination of river fractal dimension using DEM. In this paper, the main-stream length in river basin was grid-analyzed for each scale(1/5,000, 1/25,000, 1/50,000) and each cell size(5m$\times$5m, l0m$\times$l0m, 20m$\times$20m, 30m$\times$30m, 40m$\times$40m, 50m$\times$50m, 60m$\times$60m, 70m$\times$70m, 80m$\times$80m, 90m$\times$90m, 100m$\times$l00m, 120m$\times$120m, 150m$\times$150m) using GIS. Also, fractal dimension was derived by analyzing correlation among main-stream lengths, scale, and cell size which were calculated here. The result of calculating fractal dimension for each cell size shows that the fractal dimension on the main-stream length is 1.028.


GIS;DEM;fractal dimension;main-stream length


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