The Relationship between the Natural Resources and Tourism & Recreational Activities

자연자원과 관광레크레이션활동과의 관계

  • 박구원 (경기개발연구원 사회개발연구부) ;
  • 송태갑 (광주전남발전연구원 환경문화부)
  • Published : 2002.09.01


According to tourism resources in Kyonggi province, tourist behavior was dramatically different in that tourists utilizing natural resources were mainly interested in static tourism activities and sight seeing activities while tourist using socio-cultural resources preferred with dynamic tourism activities and relaxation tourism. Therefore, the objectives of reconstruction should be adjusted depending on types of tourism resources (i.e. natural and socio-cultural resources) or natural intensity as well as the development goal of recreational tourism. In contrast, historic and cultural resources surrounded with natural resources showed higher revisit rate, and was conceived as better touring site than individual resource because of historical people, traditional custom, natural sight seeing, etc. Therefore, it is believed that proper utilization of natural resources will increase revisit rate and create new conception as a famous touring site.


Natural Resources;Tourism & Recreational Activities;Tourism Development


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